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Fundraising campaign for a defibrillator at the recreation ground

Defibrillator Campaign - More information

We're raising money to provide a life-saving defibrillator for Creigiau Recreation Area.

Did you know that each year between 80,000 and 120,000 people suffer a cardiac arrest in a public place in the UK?

Cardiac arrest can affect anyone, even children. Speedy defibrillation saves lives.

Young people are at risk of cardiac arrest as their hearts are still growing and developing strength. They are also susceptible to a cardiac arrest following a sharp blow to the chest, usually during sports.

The only definitive treatment for a victim of cardiac arrest is effective CPR and early defibrillation, which must be administered within 3-5 minutes following collapse; this boost survival chances from 6% to 74%.

We are raising money to provide a defibrillator for Creigiau Recreation, to ensure safety the over 40,000 visitors to the rec in the unfortunate case of a Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

The amount we're trying to raise is £1600, this will fund the equipment and initial training. Any additional monies raised above this total will be used to support the development of the recreation area.


The equipment would be placed in an easy to reach location and as it is fully automatic, no specific training is needed to use it as the machine itself does most of the work. We would hope to never have to use it but it would be a huge peace of mind for our staff and parents knowing that it is there, should it ever be required in an emergency.

There is no doubting that a defibrillator can only be a good addition for our recreation area.


Whether your donation is £5, £10 or more... every donation will be a massive contribution towards our goal of buying a defibrillator and helping to keep our community safe.

For every donation we can receive Gift Aid which adds 20% to your kind donation.

Thank You

Creigiau Recreation Charity Trustees

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